Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm a very bad blogger.

one. I can't imagine that any of you out there in internetland could really care about anything I have to say. I think a lot of you folks are very interesting. I am less so.

two. I kind of have a life. And I'm learning how to wakeboard. This is unusual, because I am a notorious couch potato. I am notoriously potato-ish. But in this awkwardness of post-college life it makes me feel more present and alive than I've ever felt. I can feel my muscles aching after years of little use. I can see my skin browning after hours of careless time spent in the sun (JB calls me his African queen). I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass, and ends up being the death of me, or the cause of some sort of crippling injury.

three. I feel crazy talking to myself, like this, on the internet.

P.S. Does anyone out there have problems with uncontrollable rage? Just wondering.

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